About Us

The Jolivette family has been supplying homegrown fruits and vegetables to the 7 Rivers region (which includes La Crosse, Winona, Vernon, Jackson, Monroe, Houston and Buffalo counties) since 1970.

Our Story

  1. 1970the 500 acre farm is purchased by the John & Joan Jolivette family.
  2. 1974the Jolivette family begins growing strawberries on their acreage.
  3. 1975the Jolivettes construct a series of greenhouses in order to grow flowers from February until September.
  4. 2009the family builds a new facility in order to stay open throughout the year. The Jolivettes can now properly freeze their fruits and vegetables for sale year around. The new, institutional-sized freezers have also enabled the family to create a grocery line. The line includes milk, cheese, frozen foods, baked goods, and other select items.
Jolivette Family Farms
The Jolivette family offers wholesale goods to restaurants, as well as educational and correctional institutions. Their offerings include homegrown produce, dairy, seafood, meat, dry goods in addition to restaurant equipment, place settings, paper goods and cleaning supplies.

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